Fa(t)shion February 4

conceived in 2011. I'm keeping it simple again this year, no reblogs, just submissions. See the FAQ for more info. Fats of all genders, show me your fashions!

About the Project

In 2011, Fatshion February was born as a labor of love (and breakup healing). I was astounded and overwhelmed by the participation of hundreds of amazing femmes (fat and otherwise bodied). Your fashions inspired me, reblogging your posts gave me something to do every day, and this project challenged me to engage with the politics of fashion in new and complicated ways.

I am excited to announce that this year, we’re back for round three! 

Again this year, I aim to be more explicitly inclusive of trans women and queer people of color. Historically, this blog has been overwhelmingly white and cis. Fashion is incredibly political, and the way queer folks present and style their bodies is incredibly powerful. Centering femme in this space is not enough, I want to center queers who see their bodies represented less in user created media like tumblr. If you have feedback for me about ways I can do this better, I welcome it. 

Some new guidelines:

*This year, I won’t be religiously reblogging posts with the tag #fatshionfebruary. I will still follow this tag, but if you would like your fashions featured on the blog, please use the submit link, and I will queue your submissions! I will enable email submissions for those who don’t wish to join Tumblr. This policy is an act of self care, and love for my time, and I appreciate your understanding in advance.

Incredibly excited for round FOUR with you all!

I want to see your hot ass! I want to see people wearing work clothes, or house clothes, or going out to dance clothes. I want to know where you got what you’re wearing, and what you did to make it fit your body and your life.

Let’s make this shit huge. Let’s make fashion what we want to see! Its going to be super rad and hot. I can feel it.

So much rad fat/queer love!


Jessie Dress