Fa(t)shion February 4

conceived in 2011. I'm keeping it simple again this year, no reblogs, just submissions. See the FAQ for more info. Fats of all genders, show me your fashions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fatshion February? Fatshion February is a collaborative fashion project that runs through the month of February. Fatshion February is a time to celebrate your every day fashion, document what you really wear, and celebrate fat bodies. 

I’m not fat, can I still participate?  Yes, but I’d ask you to be cognizant of how much space you are taking up. This project is primarily focused on fat/chub identified queer fashion, but all bodies are welcome. You will see more fat people here than you are used to seeing elsewhere, I want this to be a space that privileges fat bodies and experiences. If you are queering fashion in the month of February, you are welcome to participate. 

I’m not femme, can I still participate? Yes please, I would like to see all the fa(t)shions. This project centers feminine/femme presenting queer people and strives to do better at carving out space for trans women and queer people of color.

What tag should I use? Use the submit page to ensure that your post is featured on the blog. I am not tracking tags this year, due to the incredibly overwhelming volume the project experienced last year. If you’d like to tag your post for the community, please use #fatshionfebruary

Why didn’t you reblog my post? I really wanted to, but reblogging tagged posts is a big bandwidth sucker for me, and I appreciate your understanding! Please, please, please use the submit link, I love getting to see you!